Thank you for visiting Dogtown Truss & Components website. We are proud to offer an unmatched service and product to contractors and homeowners alike. Here, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a superior product and service at a competitive price. Whether you are a contractor with multiple projects or a homeowner building an addition to your home we will provide you with a personal, appreciative, and quality experience.

While other suppliers in Las Vegas try to cut every possible corner to reduce their cost, the customer ends up with product so poor in workmanship and quality that their only option is to “bury” the truss under the roof sheathing hoping nobody notices. Dogtown Truss uses only MSR rated materials ensuring that each and every truss exceeds all grade, strength, and surface requirements outlined by code. Las Vegas homes deserve a product from a Las Vegas owned business.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Jay Manning, owner of Dogtown Truss, learned the in’s and out’s of the truss business at an early age. Starting at the bottom Jay learned what it took to produce a quality, well built truss. From stacking, to cutting, to designing and beyond, Jay became a true expert in every sense of the word.

In the early 90’s Jay continued to hone his skills and by 96’ he set a national record for the most trusses built in an 8 hour shift. With years of experience under his belt and a desire to take the truss industry to the next level, Jay patented his proven truss template, thus ensuring even faster truss production.

With the skill set needed to succeed, Jay ventured out on his own and in 2005 started Evolution Truss, a company known for “Making the Impossible look easy.” By 2010, Jay had expanded his vision and founded Dogtown Truss and Components.

Located just 1 block east of the Clark County Building Department, Dogtown Truss has become the hallmark of what a locally owned Truss plant should be. “We employ only the best local talent to service our community and give back to Las Vegas each and every day.” These are not only words spoken by Jay Manning, but lived by him daily.

As the only locally owned plated truss manufacturer, Dogtown Truss is Las Vegas’s first choice for quality trusses and engineered wood products.
“I didn’t create this industry, it created me” -Jay Manning